Wisdom of the Ages – Oswald Chambers

Wisdom of the Ages

Oswald Chambers

“God never gives strength for tomorrow, or for the next hour, but only for the strain of the minute.”
– Oswald Chambers

Wisdom of the Ages – F.W. Robertson

Wisdom of the Ages

FW Robertson

“It is wondrous how, the truer we become, the more unerringly we know the ring of truth, can discern whether a man be true or not, and can fasten at once upon the rising lie in word and look and dissembling act – wondrous how the charity of Christ in the heart perceives every aberration from charity in others, in ungentle thought or slanderous tone.”
– FW Robertson

Wisdom of the Ages – Charles Finney

Wisdom of the Ages

Charles Finney

“The reason why wicked men and devils hate God is, because they see Him in relation to themselves. Their hearts rise up in rebellion, because they see Him opposed to their selfishness”
– Charles Finney

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