Wisdom of the Ages – George Whitefield

Wisdom of the Ages

George Whitefield - 1

“Study to know Him more and more,
for the more you know, the more you will love Him.”
George Whitefield

Wisdom of the Ages – Jonathan Mayhew

Wisdom of the Ages

Jonathan Mayhew

“People are not usually deprived of their liberties all at once, but gradually, by one encroachment after another, as it is found they are disposed to bear them”
– Jonathan Mayhew

Wisdom of the Ages – Stephen Charnock

Wisdom of the Ages

Stephen Charnock

“A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant.”
― Stephen Charnock

“Better they who DO than they that know.”
– Brian Troxel

Wisdom of the Ages – John Boys

Wisdom of the Ages

“The touchstone of piety towards God is charity towards our brother”
John Boys

When the Church of Jesus Christ misses the mark of the true expression of Christ ruling within the life of His own, the fire and wonder of Love is extinguished and relationships become shallow and carnal. The victory of the prince of this world is the lethargy of a faith which is in word only.

Love cannot exist without truth. Truth makes the inner man true and the verity and substance of His love flows from there. It is truth which frees the heart to love as God loves: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

Love is the fruit of Truth

Brian Troxel